Generic motocyclist protection

Reference: 290.00

The generic motorcyclist protection is an effective response to the dangers of accidental falls


8% of all motorcyclist fatalities in Europe are caused by collisions with unprotected guardrails. The effective solution: the SOLOSAR motorcyclist protection.

The generic motocyclist beam is a product that is positioned underneath the road restraint system using a simple shield arm.

It is not necessary to modify the already installed guardrail.

In France, the motorcyclist protection is in accordance with the fascicule 2 of the ministerial circular n° 88-49 of 09/05/1988.

It is installed according to the requirements of the circular n° 99-68 of October 1, 1999, i.e:

  • on highways and roads with separate carriageways, in curves with a radius of less than 400 meters, with the exit of the road towards the outside of the curve
  • on other roads, on curves with a radius of less than 250 meters, with exit to the outside of the curve
  • on all types of roads, at uneven junctions, regardless of the radius, with exit to the outside of the curve.

SOLOSAR also offers a CE-certified version tested with a car and a dummy device according to XP CEN/TS 1317-8: here.

Product view

 Detail of the componants:

1 : Motocyclist protection - 4 m

2 : Arm - type ES

3 : Bolts TRCO M16x30

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