Cameroon: an association fights against road insecurity and carries out awareness campaigns

Road deaths are the 3rd leading cause of death in Africa. SOLOSAR focuses on the Pyramid Association of Douala (Cameroon), which has set itself the task of raising awareness among decision-makers and, above all, the general public in order to curb road deaths and incivilities in Cameroon, particularly in urban areas.

The association was born out of a desire to actively fight against the scourge of road deaths in Cameroon. Isn't it said that the most dangerous road in Africa is the Douala/Yaoundé axis? Some of its members have been directly affected by the loss of a loved one or a serious injury.


Members of the Pyramide Association

The association, chaired by Mr. Isidore Kahe Feukou, has been working for a long time on a book intended to raise awareness among public authorities and help them in their orientation: the street for all - Road safety and cohabitation on the public highway beyond conflicts of use.

The idea is to provide solutions to avoid the incivilities that lead to road insecurity in Cameroon's cities where the population is concentrated, the infrastructures are outdated and where pedestrians, cars and motorcyclists cohabit in an anarchic manner. The poor use of public roads has become a real danger for road users despite the ever-increasing efforts of the Cameroonian State.


During the communication day on the commitment of the private sector in the improvement of road safety sponsored by TOTAL, Bolloré Logistic among others on 10/11/2015 in Douala, the PYRAMIDE association was able to highlight its actions to the public, the press and the politicians who came to visit this exhibition.


The Minister for Road Safety received the study LA RUE POUR TOUS (the road for everybody) from the President of Pyramide and asked the association to get in touch with his Ministry to start joint actions at the beginning of 2016.


SOLOSAR supports any action that can contribute to improving road safety. An awareness-raising event for the general public is planned soon in Douala and other important projects will be launched soon...

To find out more about the PYRAMIDE association, visit its Facebook profile.