Reference: HBB 1.33 BW-HLK

Baseplate posts for engineering structures


The product HBB 1.33 BW - HLK is a vehicle restraint system for bridges with a limited working width.

Heintzmann Basic Barrier 1.33 BW - HLK consists of a C125 post placed on baseplate.

It has been developed with maximum optimization of weight and performance.

It offers an optimal performance: containment level H1-W2-A


HBB is a complete family of N2 level systems allowing to vary the working width from W2 to W5 by simply modifying the post spacing of the posts: see the other products of the HBB range.

Technical data


Type of post: C125 on base plate in S235 JR steel

Post spacing: 1,33m

Weight per lm: 19.6 kg

Beam profile:  profile AF-HLK in S355 JR steel

NF058 connection certificates available on the following products: HBB 1.33 Plus-HLK

Tested length : 60 m in level H1

CE mark N°: 2251-CPR-0205-fr1

Product view

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