Reference: DE2-NF


French standard road restraint system H1-W5-A.

The DE2 double beam guardrail is a product of the French government.

It is the basis of the road restraint systems in median side on the national network.

It is approved by the ministerial circular n°88-49 of May 9, 1988.

It differs from the DE4-NF by its 2 lm post spacing.

Technical data


Post: IPE80-NF in S235JR steel; length : 1,5 m or 2 m

Beam profile: AF-NF profile in S235JR steel (Also available in BF-NF profile in S235JR steel)

Weight / lm: for an AF-NF profile with 1,5m post= 33.5 kg

Post spacing : 2 m


The components are NF marked

Product view


Components details:


1 : GSA 4m beam

2 : IPE 80 post: 2 m

3 : Post spacer : Lg=636 mm (option: 336 or 936 mm)

4 : TH M16x40 bolts

5 : TRCO M16x30 bolts

6 : TH M10x30 bolts

7 : Standard plate 80x40 m

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